why good mental health is important

Good mental health is something that cannot be put in a box or be bought with money. It is something that must be developed through a concerted process of education, understanding, and practice. Mental health is the state of mind that permits us to function successfully in social situations. Good mental health is a fundamental right and one that no person should be deprived of.

Healthy self-esteem helps children excel in academic performance, succeed in personal relationships, get through difficult times, become successful in work and career, and attain maturity. Proper self-esteem can make someone who is mentally healthy financially, socially, physically, and psychologically healthy. Poor self-esteem only hinders our aspirations and prevents us from achieving our potential. On the other hand, good self-esteem allows us to reach our goals, excel at work and in sport, develop rewarding relationships, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Love is the most important of all the virtues. Loving ourselves helps us become successful, happy, and good individual. However, loving others also has immense importance in helping us achieve our objectives in life. Unconditional love means treating those who are dear to us without any expectation of return.

Another important aspect of why good mental health is important is that it makes people more competent in facing the challenges of life. When we are healthy and emotionally sound, we become less apprehensive and more courageous in facing new circumstances and challenges. Our response to pain and adversity is also improved when we are physically and emotionally healthy. This is why it is important to develop and practice a set of positive mental attitudes to help in reducing the risk of developing disease and ailments.

A healthy mind and body also lead to a higher level of productivity. When people are productive, they experience less stress and they get more done in less time. Productivity in the workplace has been found to be one of the major factors that affect employee productivity.

The above reasons as to why good mental health is important are very much applicable to anyone irrespective of age, gender, social status, or economic background. All of us can benefit from having a mentally strong and healthy body and mind. In fact, this may not only benefit us physically but mentally as well. If we take good care of ourselves by eating the right kinds of food, taking regular exercise, having adequate sleep, and avoiding harsh toxins and stress, we will be able to enjoy a long and fruitful life.

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