Ways To Help Your Kids Manage Stress During the Lockdown

 The general consensus amongst parents of school-aged children is that to help their kids deal with the stressors that come with a locked-down school building, they should give them guided, hands-on instruction. While this is sound advice, many kids do not get the support they need to better understand how to cope and learn from their experiences rather than being spoon-fed information. When a kid needs help managing their stress, they often feel lost and this can lead to poor grades and lower test scores. Learning effective stress management skills can be one of the most important elements in any child's success or failure.

One way to help your kids prepare for the unexpected is by involving them in all of the decisions. Help your kids understand how to prioritize tasks, set goals, and develop an action plan. This will provide them with a clear sense of direction and help to avoid confusion. By implementing a few simple techniques every day, it is possible to develop excellent management skills.

Managing stress is easier when you encourage your kids to take responsibility for their own feelings and behaviors. Try giving them responsibilities when appropriate and supervising their behavior. Don't point the finger of blame at them when things go wrong but are patient and kind. If they are having trouble handling a particular situation, ask them how they could solve it, and then be supportive as well as understanding. Some ways to help your kids manage stress during the lockdown are to give them your full support and let them know you'll be there if they need you.

Another way to help your kids prepare for a lockdown is to show them what to do if the school is closed. A drill at school can help kids understand what to do in a situation where the school is closed. You can teach them to recognize the school building's safety signs and sign their parents up as having the school closed. Some ways to help your kids manage stress during the lockdown are to get them prepared for an emergency by teaching them the emergency numbers, know their medications, and discuss what to do in case of an emergency with them.

Try to help your kids relax by doing things that they enjoy. This helps them feel less anxious and improves their mood. For example, if your child loves to watch television, join the family for a movie night at home. Plan some time on the weekends when all members of the family can watch a movie. Doing things that you like can relax you as well as your kids. It is important to give them a variety of activities and make sure they are not bored.

Another good way to help your kids deal with stress is to offer them a break when they have too much homework. Give them time to read or play. Studies show that playing with your children releases endorphins that give you a feeling of happiness and calmness, relieving stress. Learning effective communication skills can also help you and your child learn how to better manage stress.


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