11 Proven Health Benefits of Ginger

 Ginger is a natural remedy to reduce your appetite and control your body weight. This is one of the many 11 Proven Health Benefits of Ginger, which also helps to keep you healthy. The ancient people of China, India and Tibet have used ginger as an herb for ages and now it is available for us to take advantage of. There are two main types of ginger which are freshly grated ginger powder. Both of these provide the anti-inflammatory properties.

A major function of Ginger in your body is to decrease the activity of pro-inflammatory compounds called cytokines. The inflammatory compounds cause our blood pressure levels to increase, which can result in high blood sugar levels. The consumption of ginger can help to decrease insulin levels and thus lower the amount of insulin required by the body to convert glucose into energy. Additionally, the ginger extract also prevents the conversion of cholesterol into fat. These actions of ginger extract result in improved metabolic processes and thus helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

Since ginger provides anti-inflammatory properties, studies have been conducted to determine the effect of this natural remedy on diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that results from high blood sugar levels. A few studies have reported that when diabetic patients consumed ginger powder, their insulin levels decreased by roughly 40%. Furthermore, the consumption of ginger which is an active ingredient in ginger supplements reduced the number of blood cells that become cancerous.

Scientists have discovered that ginger extract acts as a pro-inflammatory that helps to reduce the production of pro-inflammatory compounds called cytokines. These inflammatory compounds help to damage and destroy healthy cells. When healthy cells are damaged, they cannot properly produce the proteins and other compounds necessary for the health and vitality of an individual. Therefore, individuals who suffer from chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and arthritis may benefit by adding the ginger extract to their diet.

Ginger also provides anti-inflammatory properties due to its anti-carcinogen, cineole. Cineole has been proven to be effective in decreasing the inflammatory compounds in the body. In particular, cineole has been shown to inhibit the formation of prostaglandins, which are associated with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease. Thus, individuals with these types of conditions may benefit from consuming ginger or ginger extracts. In addition, ginger and ginger extracts have been shown to increase the level of vitamin C, which can prevent damage caused by excessive inflammation. Furthermore, consuming ginger extract has been shown to prevent the progression of kidney diseases such as kidney stones and pancreatic cancer.

Other studies have reported that ginger benefits the urinary tract. Animal studies have indicated that ginger powder inhibits the growth of bacteria found in the bladder and urethra. Animal studies also suggest that ginger extracts reduce pre-term births and immunocompromising conditions in newborns. Studies also indicate that consuming ginger powder or ginger is effective in treating individuals with arthritis. Individuals with diabetes and individuals undergoing chemotherapy are also advised to consider the use of ginger powder or ginger extracts for their health.


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